The role of the Wings of Song Board of Directors is to make executive decisions as to:

The Board meets several times throughout the year: before rehearsals begin to plan the upcoming season, partway through rehearsal seasons to determine venues, post-season to discuss plans for the next season, during the summer to plan fundraising (particularly the annual auction), and other issues/intervals as needed. It tends to gather over dinner at various restaurants in the Sturbridge area, engaging in lively discussion and even rousing innocent bystanders with a few songs!

The Board welcomes chorus members to attend any of its meetings and offer input. Contact the president for more information.

President: Carol Curtin

Music Director: Nym Cooke

Friends Coordinator: Linda Lambrecht

Secretary: Randal Chinnock

Treasurer: Sarah Clarke

Members at Large:

Jeanne Adler

Eric Glinsky

Sylvia King

Joe Zwiebel